Welcome to Kiiro,

I am excited to introduce you to the future of Kiiro, the art and lifestyle brand that I co-founded back in 2020 with Tom Scrimgeour. Our journey began with a shared passion for the timeless beauty of indigo, and despite facing global challenges, we achieved successes.

Our initial creation, the ‘Pop’ line, symbolized the optimism that inspired our brand’s inception as Oi, now known as Kiiro. This line featured a range of versatile reversible jackets, kimonos, and pants, combining practicality with clever design.

The indigo collection emerged from our deep commitment to craftsmanship, a reverence for materials, and a dedication to sustainable use of natural resources. It stands as a testament to our artistic vision, with each piece infused with a genuine love for the craft.

Today, we are embarking on new journeys: Tom is pursuing a Master’s Degree at The Royal College of Arts to further his expertise, while I am dedicated to continuing my art practice and taking sole responsibility for further developing the Kiiro brand.

As Kiiro evolves, I will be shifting the focus towards indigo hand-dyed art, home and wear creations. Kiiro’s indigo collection, born from an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and material respect, remains at the heart of the brand’s vision. This carefully curated range will maintain the same practical ingenuity and clever design elements that defined our previous offerings. The goal for Kiiro moving forward is cIear – to craft pieces that will continue to inspire and delight generations to come.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have supported us. While our formal collaboration comes to an end, Kiiro’s story lives on through my steadfast commitment to the brand’s artistic vision.

Thank you for being a part of the Kiiro community.

Warm regards,

Lilly Wong

Sept 2023


The Founders

Lilly Wong

As a British textile designer, artist and maker, my journey is a fusion of cultures, a tapestry woven with threads of English, Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. With a BA Hons degree in Textile Design from Central Saint Martins, I have explored diverse creative realms over the past two decades, from fashion to art consultancy, photography to art education.

My heart beats to the rhythm of Eastern philosophy, art and design, immersing myself in the exquisite traditions and materials of Asia. It’s in the indigo dyeing process that I discovered a profound connection. To me, fabric isn’t just a canvas; it’s an extension of the human form. Indigo and textiles, my chosen medium, allows me to create a sensory experience that transcends cloth into wearable works of art.

My aesthetic finds harmony in minimalism, symbolism, and modernism, all while drawing inspiration from nature’s untamed allure. The clean lines and timeless silhouette of the kimono block pattern serve as my canvas, where I blend functionality and beauty seamlessly. My journey isn’t just about creating art; it’s about weaving cultures, transcending boundaries, and crafting a future where beauty, culture, and the human spirit coalesce in harmony.

Tom Scrimgeour

To do what one loves, is a humbling and wonderful feeling. 

Many blessing have come out of recent years including the opportunity to learn and pick up where I left off creatively. Siding up with Lilly was a huge part of this process. She had all the ingredients there waiting for us to start and has been a constant support and teacher. Where I bring patience to our creative and business partnership, together we bring energy and persuasion to drive us into the right place. 

I relish and enjoy the tangible physical world and take our fragile world and nature as my inspiration. As a trained chef, I love cooking, and am deeply inspired by Japanese design principles and culture. Content in the countryside of my native England and Europe, I am part based in Vietnam and thrilled to contribute to making beautiful art and items. Kiiro is an expression of a deep love of craft and arts. It blends the minimal, the functional and the beauty with time tested methods to bring wearable art to everyone.

2020 – Sep 2023

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The Ancient Indigo Vat magically transfers timeless blue dye onto fabric. We maintain our own vats, dyeing our fabrics in this beautiful fashion.


With an emphasis on technique and a quality finish, each garment is handmade by our small and highly experienced team in Saigon, meeting international high quality export standards.


Dyed and painted by the artist’s hands – Lilly Wong and Tom Scrimgeour. A multi-disciplinary approach utilises art techniques onto fabrics that you can wear. All are made in our workshop.


Functional, original, beautiful, comfortable garments and accessories designed by Kimono Oi, expressing love and deep respect for Japanese design.


Textiles are sourced locally, utilising resources available in Vietnam. This includes natural cotton, linen and handwoven silk that take on our Indigo designs.

Customer Care

We work with wonderful people across the world to get our Kimono and accessories to you. Our online store is an easy way to purchase. We are always searching for new people to work with so please get in touch! Your order can be tracked worldwide and we are here to personally answer any questions and support your purchase.

B2B: We sell consignment and wholesale across the United Kingdom. Please contact us directly for wholesale support and prices – hello@kiiro.design