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A Noren Commission

The various Noren were commissioned by Gom Studio – a pottery house and art workshop.

Designed and made by Lilly Wong.

Established in June 2020, Gomsaigon’s 2nd branch is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a heritage building that has been converted into boutiques, it is in the heart of Saigon’s district 1.

The style at Gomsaigon is characteristic of Wabi Sabi principles and minimalist aesthetics.
Ky – the founder of Gomsaigon and his young team create a simple and beautiful line of ceramic products which are complimentary to modern life.

The design direction for the noren sets are based on a natural connection and symbolism to the established aesthetic and growth of Gomsaigon.

I always try to make personal connections where ever I can. “Ki-iro” means “yellow colour”. The colour of the ginkgo leaves are golden yellow in Autumn.

Noren Set 1/3 – Gomsaigon Studio entrance (3rd Floor)

Ginkgo symbolises longevity and good fortune. The ginkgo fan shaped leaf is thought to demonstrate the ever widening future spreading out. This fits into Gomsaigon’s artistic expansion of not one, but now two venues.

Noren Set 2/3 – Main Entrance (Floor 2)

It was an clear design decision in terms of motifs and purpose. Located at the end of a corridor-easily missed, the entrance of GomSaigon had to be instantly identifiable for the casual browser. The breeze throughout the building encourages the linen noren to dance, inviting one to walk towards the studio and enter surprised to find an idyllic space of artistic happenings.

Noren 3/3 – Main Window

This Noren is the largest of the sets, which hangs over the main windows that overlooks onto the Norte Dame Cathedral. By day, this spot experiences most of the elements – sun, rain, wind; the ginkgo leaves gracefully embraces them and appears to be blowing in the breeze.

The indigo dye process exercises my patience and perseverance levels. With focus and discipline, it takes a great deal of commitment to see the work though from beginning to end. Any shortcuts taken, shows in the results. Every dyeing session is a lesson learned.

By Lilly Wong