Kiiro constantly strive to make beautiful art pieces that can adorn your walls or be worn. Viewing the garment as a canvas and a useful functional item, we create wearable art and other apparel. Through the continuation of a deep artistic life and constant refinement, our creations bridge simple necessity and the collectors love of art and beauty. 

Dans les domaines de l'art, des produits de maison et de la mode, l'utilisation et l'entretien passionnés de notre cuve à indigo nous permet de créer des œuvres d'art et des vêtements uniques et en série limitée. L'amour des artistes pour l'artisanat, le respect des matériaux et l'utilisation des ressources naturelles, associés à un design moderne, donnent naissance à la collection indigo. 

Our pop line is the visual representation of the optimism that guided us to start Oi – now Kiiro. With an accessible range of reversible jackets, kimono and pants, we apply practical elements and clever designs to our commercial range.

Les idées se concrétisent lorsqu'il existe un besoin valable. En 2020, nous avons concrétisé des idées qui germaient depuis de nombreuses années. Avec tous les ingrédients prêts à l'emploi et du temps pour les cultiver, il est devenu évident et possible de combiner les compétences et les expériences de Lilly et Tom, afin de les incorporer à l'entreprise.

Kiiro is inspired by our deep innate love and respect for south East Asian and Japanese aesthetics and culture. Founded by artists and designers Lilly Wong and Tom Scrimgeour. 

Tout ce que nous faisons est pratique, conçu avec une empathie pour l’utilisateur final en vue de créer un lien particulier avec celui-ci . "A life by design", nous sommes une entreprise lifestyle qui met le design au centre de nos préoccupations et grâce à des décisions réfléchies, nous fournissons des produits durables et recherchés.

Kimono Oi
Art Pieces

The Founders

Lilly Wong

Lilly Wong is a British textile designer and artist. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in Textile Design with a first BA Hons degree, and has spent over two decades working across creative disciplines in many fields such as fashion, art consultancy, photography and art education. Now, during the lockdowns of 2020, she has come full circle with her love and passion for textiles and traditional Asian aesthetics by launching a clothing and lifestyle brand – Oi now Kiiro. “I feel the time has come to return home; playing, manipulating fabrics and constructing art textile pieces, which also serve as functional products to be used”. Since her art education began, Lilly has been in love with Japanese tradition, aesthetic and philosophy. Lilly was born in Vietnam, the motherland she returned to in 2016, where she discovered an abundance of resources at her disposal. She found natural indigo being grown and raw silk being woven. These are among any textile artist’s dreams. It is no wonder Lilly ended up back in Asia, after a lifelong obsession with eastern philosophy and art, it seems fate has done its good work. Lilly is thrilled her passions now exist and can be understood in a tangible and physical way through her creations.

Tom Scrimgeour

Faire ce que l'on aime est un sentiment à la fois humble et merveilleux. 

De nombreuses bénédictions sont nées ces dernières années, notamment la possibilité d'apprendre et de reprendre là où je m'étais arrêté sur le plan créatif. La rencontre avec Lilly a joué un rôle important dans ce processus. Elle avait tous les ingrédients nécessaires pour que nous puissions commencer et a été un soutien et un professeur constant. Si j'apporte de la patience à notre partenariat créatif et commercial, nous apportons ensemble de l'énergie et de la persuasion pour nous mener à bon port. 

I relish and enjoy the tangible physical world and take our fragile world and nature as my inspiration. As a trained chef, I love cooking, and am deeply inspired by Japanese design principles and culture. 

Although sometimes longing for the countryside of my native England and Europe, I am part based in Vietnam and thrilled to contribute to making beautiful art and items. Kiiro is an expression of a deep love of craft and arts. It blends the minimal, the functional and the beauty with time tested methods to bring wearable art to everyone.

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The Ancient Indigo Vat magically transfers timeless blue dye onto fabric. We maintain our own vats, dyeing our fabrics in this beautiful fashion.


With an emphasis on technique and a quality finish, each garment is handmade by our small and highly experienced team in Saigon, meeting international high quality export standards.


Dyed and painted by the artist’s hands – Lilly Wong and Tom Scrimgeour. A multi-disciplinary approach utilises art techniques onto fabrics that you can wear. All are made in our workshop.


Functional, original, beautiful, comfortable garments and accessories designed by Kimono Oi, expressing love and deep respect for Japanese design.


Textiles are sourced locally, utilising resources available in Vietnam. This includes natural cotton, linen and handwoven silk that take on our Indigo designs.

Customer Care

We work with wonderful people across the world to get our Kimono and accessories to you. Our online store is an easy way to purchase. We are always searching for new people to work with so please get in touch! Your order can be tracked worldwide and we are here to personally answer any questions and support your purchase.

B2B: nous vendons en gros par consignation et par petits lots. Veuillez nous contacter directement pour obtenir une assistance et des prix de gros.