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Happi Working – the philosophy of everyday wear for everyone.

We have made a traditional work jacket for a modern lifestyle. The Indigo Happi is for lovers of simple functionality. This understated piece is perfect for everyday use.

Steve Jobs once commissioned Issey Miyake to help him design a uniform for Apple. Thinking it would help create a sense of team unity, what came out of it however was a uniform for Steve and his signature turtleneck and jeans look was born. Jobs’ autobiography reads – “That’s what I wear, I have enough to last for the rest of my life.”

There is a no-fuss, practical, no distraction mantra to having an everyday garment in your wardrobe. Something simple and functional for minimal distraction and focus.

Happi History

Ideal for modern living, the Happi is a short length kimono akin to a jacket. It has a rich history as an item for all – from the working class to the wealthy, men and women. The jacket has a large role being used for uniform, becoming protective workwear for labourers and even firefighters who would embellish their designs to the garment.

Now more of a fashion statement than workwear, it is worn at festivals and is very popular as a comfortable, carefree and everyday jacket.

The Happi’s role as a uniform lives on with many companies, film production teams and restaurants outfitting their staff in matching Happi to give group unity.

Kimono Oi Classic Indigo Happi

When designing we looked at creating something simple and purposeful but unique at the same time. We have introduced our Classic Happi with purpose – to be unisex and for everyone, and to be functional with two large pockets that contrast the dark indigo lapel. Built-in ties neatly secure the garment together or hang out of sight when not in use.

The Happi is made from hand-dyed linen with a beautiful indigo painted silk lining.

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