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Oi Design Ethos – now KIIRO

Since this article was published we have changed our name. The same ethos still applies.

We have simplified our brand name from Kimono Ơi to Ơi. In Vietnam, the expression Ơi is exchanged between everyone as a term of endearment and affection. You may notice we sometimes exchange the i for ! to make Ơ!. The intention is to grab your attention, subtly.

The R’s of Ơi

Refine – improve and fine tune the artwork, one must remove unwanted elements

Revisit previous work – evaluate the process and learn from the past

Reinvent old ideas, there is nothing wrong with starting over, finished work doesn’t mean its final, nothing is permanent

Resources – utilise existing skills or learn new ones to achieve the the best result

Reduce – don’t overkill – don’t go beyond what is required or suitable

Reflect – consider what went well, what didn’t and how to improve the next time

Ruthless – be ruthless, know when to stop

and always apply an element of fun where ever possible (!)

What is Oi about?

The simple necessities in life and beauty, and the value and appreciation of these things.

A work in progress – how we made Ơi

At Oi, we built our lifestyle brand from logo to products, so far keeping all aspects of design in-house. As an arts educator, Joint Founder Lilly habitually records her ideas; seeing an idea evolve, gaining a better direction and discovering new lessons. This process allows us to see how we are progressing and justify our ideas.

Can your idea be justified?

Asking questions makes good practice; you would want to get it right after all. The right design chooses its time, so one must allow for flexibility, because often than not, circumstances may change forcing one to take a different approach. This can be challenging and therefore it is important to not become too attached to initial ideas.

It always helps to have two minds working together as oppose to one, so always get a second opinion, a good rule of thumb in all life aspects, and always apply an element of fun where ever possible!

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