Full Moon Yukata in Indigo


Hand dyed resist indigo dyed Yukata with build in pockets and sash. Made from 100% cotton with special weave.
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The full moon Yukata was designed as part of an installation with coincided with the new lunar new year. These hand dyed kimono are part of a limited run of #10 items that hung levitated in the installation space, complimenting huge banners showing the lunar phases.

Each art kimono is handcrafted on a small scale at our workshop in Ho Chi Minh City. Our indigo and beeswax is sourced from the ethnic minorities of Northern Vietnam.

The kimono is constructed into a garment before applying hot beeswax onto the fabric. Following the application of the wax design, the kimono undergoes multiple dips into the indigo dye vat. The wax is then removed with extreme heat. Due to the use of beeswax to create a manual resist and indigo dyeing process, imperfections occur on the artwork which marks the unique appearance of each item.

To prolong the indigo colour, the garment must be hand washed with cold water or dry cleaned, and stored away from direct sunlight, ideally in your wardrobe.

We appreciate your purchase. Your support helps us to keep the mastery of traditional processes alive, while supporting the talents and skills of traditional artisans of Vietnam.

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