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Summer Yukata 浴衣

夏 With the heat upon us and with spending more time outdoors, what could be better than wearing absolute comfort throughout the summer.

YU-KA-TA – 浴衣

A yukata is a summer unlined Kimono usually made of cotton, literally meaning “bathing cloth”. Worn by men and women with straight-cut fabric and wide sleeves. With a bout of good weather, they can be seen worn all over Japan. Their versatile, adaptable, stylish and comfortable form making them popular with all generations, and flattering for all body shapes. They are designed to wrap around your body as opposed to western clothing that is cut to fit your body. The Yukata is folded left over right and tied in place with an Obi or a sash as is included with each Kimono Oi Yukata.


There are new unisex additions to both our collections such as our hand-painted indigo to pattern our cotton Indigo Yukata. Our Pop line comprises of lightweight printed natural cotton and thicker striped cotton for snug home comfort. Each Yukata comes with a matching sash and built-in pockets for added function. View the collection by clicking on the images below.

Yukata cotton

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