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Earning your stripes – The Butcher’s Apron

Despite the assumption of rising up the military ranks , the expression has its roots in butchery and the culinary world. To earn one’s stripes would be after completing your apprenticeship and qualifying as a trained butcher. With a history dating back to the 16th century, the blue striped apron was the uniform of the trade and that tradition carries to this day, the broad stripe signifying a master butcher from his apprentice. The design is so deeply entrenched in British culture now, it is the go-to design for chefs.

With the help of Cornish butcher Lenard in Cornwall England, we were able to recreate the traditional and iconic stripe used by Butchers and Chefs all over the world. The durable and natural canvas is screen printed with the iconic white stripe. Other features include built-in holders for utensils and kitchen towels and practical pockets for essential items and pen holding. Wear your apron with pride, as chefs and butchers do today.

Custom Embroidery

Mark Lockwood, owner and creator of Sizzle wears his custom embroidered Butchers Apron. Mark makes and sells a wide range of artisan sausages from Saigon’s Thao Dien.