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The Judo Pant

This is our essential everyday pant for working, playing and exercising. Inspired by the practicality of the judo pant, with its move-ability and soft light fabrics, these unisex pants are for everyone. Enjoy listening to the latest playlist while reading our blog.

True to our ethos of incorporating functionality into our designs, our pants are designed as an essential item to suit an active lifestyle.  A built in drawstring tie lends a practical element to the judo pant for quick and secure adjustments. The addition of large pockets is modern necessity for carrying ones belongings. We also opted for lighter breathable materials using 100% cotton in our white pants and 100% linen for other colours.

Fun, Comfortable, Active, Stylish; Alex wears the judo pants in his wood workshop and garden.

Lightweight and breathable enough for Yoga, yet durable for day to day wear. Flat fell seam work completes a quality finish, ensuring the pants will last daily use and wash after wash. In the images below, Amy exercises in the white judo pants.

The Judo or Judogi  柔道着 was the first martial arts uniform designed making its first appearance at the beginning of the 20th century. The Judo set consists of a jacket and pants, the jacket’s ancestry being the Kimono, with sleeves continually shortened until its optimum practicality was insured.

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